In 2010 Roodt began a two-year commission to capture the indigenous flowers of the Francolin Conservancy in detailed botanical paintings. The collection of over 50 paintings in watercolour and oil painting were done in preparation for her first solo exhibition early in 2012 held at The Orient Boutique Hotel.

In October 2011, Roodt took on a second major commission on tour to the mysterious temples of Cambodia. The trip was filmed and documented, and the sketches, notes and inspiration were reworked into paintings and etchings.

Currently Roodt is involved with several art projects on South African flora, including ongoing series of indigenous trees and orchids, and her work appears in the quarterly edition of WILD Magazine.

Buying and Consigning Art

Roodt works on a freelance basis and is available to do botanical art and scientific illustration on commission. Her work also features a range of limited edition, certified botanical art prints of indigenous trees and orchids and are for sale. Contact the artist for more information regarding your art needs.